Meadowkirk Retreats. Mission-Driven.

The Meadowkirk team is passionate about providing a consistently premier level of service to our guests.  We have the exciting opportunity to help point those we serve to the glory of God’s creation and a deeper relationship with him.

To create a premier, Christ-centered destination in historic Northern Virginia that provides an idyllic setting for individuals and groups to experience God and the glory of His creation.


Located at Delta Farm in Middleburg, Virginia, Meadowkirk is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that facilitates and hosts a wide variety of premier retreat and event experiences for organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond – with a particular emphasis on religious, educational and environmental programs.  As a retreat center, we offer our guests – from church and nonprofit/NGO groups to academic and corporate gatherings and others – a combination of distinctive meeting space, comfortable lodging, excellent dining, engaging content and the opportunity to incorporate our 358 scenic acres into each Meadowkirk experience.

Staff Leadership

Cindy Allen
Head Chef
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Dana Bigelow
Director of Guest Services
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Boyd “Buddy” Bingaman
Grounds & Maintenance Technician
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Timothy I. Sipols
Executive Director & CEO
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Scott (Chairman) and Jennifer Andrews
Louis (Treasurer) and Barbara Giuliano
Paul MacMahon
Glenn and Suzanne Youngkin


It can be said that the place we call Meadowkirk has been associated with respite, retreat and renewal for as long as anyone can remember.

Native Americans frequented the area for untold centuries, using the large, southerly rock outcroppings along Goose Creek as warm and safe haven in winter.

Later, around the time a young surveyor named George Washington passed through the region, our site was on its way to becoming a part of Middleburg, the “town in the middle.”  It was in Middleburg – the halfway point in the two-day journey from Alexandria to the Virginia frontier – that travelers could find comfortable lodging, fellowship and rest.  It’s hard to imagine more appropriate beginnings for Meadowkirk’s modern-day address.

Delta Farm

By the early 19th century, Meadowkirk’s deep agricultural heritage had begun to take shape.  Delta Farm, as the property came to be known, was held by local landowner Benjamin Franklin Carter, whose “Stone House” still stands as part of our Welcome Center today.  Other structures from that period can also be found on the property – including a small schoolhouse, an adjacent structure that may have functioned as a smokehouse, and a log cabin.

During the Civil War fierce battles flared all around Middleburg, and Delta Farm was no stranger to the conflict.  It is thought that Carter’s Stone Barn was burned by Union forces in response to his supplying Confederate troops.  The Barn’s subsequent rebuilding – and eventual repurposing as Meadowkirk’s signature gathering space – offer quiet testimony to the themes of redemption and renewal that are at the heart of our mission.

20th Century

The 20th century marked several turns in Delta Farm’s history – beginning with the 1905 construction of the large Manor House and the property’s new ownership by area resident John Rucker.  In 1940 the property was sold again, this time to John Talbot II who intended it as a place of post-operative healing for his son.  Talbot remodeled the Manor, adding plumbing and electricity, and held the property until the 1960s when the Farm’s ownership passed to Lucy von Lutterotti, member of an influential German family with real estate interests worldwide.  Accompanied by her secretary and chauffeur, Lucy von Lutterotti would visit the Farm several times each year until her death in 2003.

Meadowkirk at Delta Farm

In 2004 the National Capital Presbytery (NCP) purchased Delta Farm following the sale of Glenkirk, the NCP’s longtime camp and retreat site in Manassas, Virginia, that had become increasingly surrounded by residential development. Having renamed their mission “Meadowkirk,” the NCP embarked on a significant site development plan but ultimately encountered a variety of challenges that culminated in the 2013 sale of the property to a group of Christian individuals who now operate Meadowkirk as a non-denominational, faith-based mission dedicated to providing premier retreat and event experiences.



Meadowkirk looks for candidates whose gifts and talents are matched by a deep, hands-on desire to serve others with excellence – because we seek to follow the example of our Lord, who came not to be served, but to serve (Matt. 20:28) and because we are called to do all things “to the glory of God” (I Cor. 10:31).

Individuals interested in an employment opportunity at Meadowkirk will be Christian team players actively engaged in living out their faith – and have the willingness to support our mission to “create a premier, Christ-centered destination in historic Northern Virginia that provides an idyllic setting for individuals and groups to experience God and the glory of His creation.

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